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March 29th

Beyond 1320 JV & Grudge Night

Friday Night: Gates Open at 3pm

Arizona No Prep Beyond 1320 Grudge Night:

Racer tech card is $40, crew wristband is $15, spectators are $10 and as always kids 12 and under are free!

Gates open at 4pm the Grudge Racing at “Beyond 1320” will run from 7pm - 10pm with water burnouts only!

March 30th

Saturday Gates Open at 11am

AZNP Beyond 1320 Classes are:

100.00 (buy in) Big Tire Class

100.00 (buy in) Small Tire Class 28X10.5 (non W or smaller)

Saturday nights competition “Beyond 1320” is $30 Tech Card and Water Burnouts Only


Event Pricing:

Friday Tech Card: $40

Friday Spectator Wristband: $10

Friday Crew Wristband: $15

Saturday Beyond 1320 Tech Card: $40

Saturday Spectator Wristband: $10

Saturday Crew Wristband: $15

Weekend Spectator Wristband: $15

Weekend Crew Wristband: $25