Cash Days & Rules

These rules are for both classes!

Flashlight start
1/8th mile racing
$150 buy in
Tire limit: Small tire: 28x10.5 non w and BIG tire: anything bigger than 28x10.5 non w.

Runner up gets double their money ($300)
First takes the rest of the pot

1. Jump the light you're out.
2. If you move up after the flagger lines you up, you're out.
3. Chase is NOT a race.
4. Cross the centerline in front of your opponent, you're out, crossing behind is ok, in the event that both drivers cross then it is considered "first is worse"
5. Flagger makes the final decision regarding jumping and or moving, NO exceptions.
6. The same driver cannot get the by run twice.

Puddle burnouts only- make sure you bring your own prep!

Note: There is a $20 track entry fee that is separate from the buy in. Your buy in will be collected at the drivers meeting.